Using the Zoftar data recovery disk

Using the Zoftar data recovery disk

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Using The Zoftar Data Recovery Disk
Using The Zoftar Data Recovery Disk Part 2
Getting Started
Booting Up
Normal Data Recovery
Advanced Data Recovery
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Using The Zoftar Data Recovery Disk

The Zoftar Software data recovery boot disk is compatible with all versions of Windows® even Windows®95 & other operating systems such as Linux. This bootable data recovery disk grants the user full administrative rights (even for password protected operating systems) and can automatically copy any file type to a removable USB disk or flash drive, without altering the target computer in any way.

The Zoftar Software data recovery system will even work on a broken non starting operating system. It will even access files on a computer that has the dreaded BSOD (blue or black screen of death).

All the different types of windows logos from Windows 10 to Windows XP

Getting Started How To Boot From DVD / CD / Disk

The computer will need to be powered up with the data recovery CD all ready in the optical device. Once the system is turned on with the CD in the drive, it should go directly to the start up screen. If however the computer still tries to boot the installed hard disk based operating system, it will need to be set-up to boot from CD. Please see the videos below regarding how to make sure the computer is to set-up to boot from the optical device.

The first video shows how to boot from DVD if the target computer has Phoenix BIOS, the BIOS type is not really important as all BIOS are very similar and it really is easy.

This second Video is from Toshiba and again shows you how to set-up to boot from disk, however Toshiba use the, also very popular, American Megatrends BIOS.

Booting Up The Recovery Disk

As the disk starts two pre-load screens will be displayed. It will take 2 - 3 minutes for the disk to initiate, with the first screen showing for a minute or so and the second (with a blue progress bar at the bottom) taking a few more minutes. The load speed depends on how fast the computer's optical drive is.

data recovery purple start screendata recovery blue progress bar start screen

Part two of the Zoftar data recovery manual.

There is a comments section at the bottom of the page to answer any questions or problems that may arise.

Article Written By Zoftar : November 1st, 2015.