filebump - peer to peer (p2p) file sharing in the browser

filebump - peer to peer (p2p) file sharing in the browser

filebump send and recieve option


Today Zoftar is proud to release an early beta of Filebump!


This is a peer to peer (p2p) file transfer system implemented entirely in the browser. It enables ad hoc, low friction file transfers between devices. The file transfer is peer to peer (p2p) and totally secure and private.


There is no file size limit and the file transfer is 100% p2p. Filebump will remain free forever and advert free forever.


Filebump is beta software at the moment so please report any problems with it in the messages below.


filebump recieve file via keycode

The client side file streaming libraries written for filebump are going to be used for a whole host of distributed file sharing applications making use of the intelegence at the edge of the network. There is a supercomputer in everybody's pocket that can take the place of the cloud.


The next piece of software coming from Zoftar will replicate a lot of the functionality of Dropbox but using no servers whatsoever. Watch this space!


When you have keyed in your 6 digit pin to receive your files on the receiving device, you get a file download list.


When you click on a file, it is actually streamed in real time from the other device via the browser.


filebump list of files to download

Please try filebump now for yourself:

Article Written By Zoftar : May 24th, 2018.