CRYPTOWOLF - Bitcoin and all altcoin alerts

CRYPTOWOLF - Bitcoin and all altcoin alerts


With cryptocurrencies going crazy at the moment, now is the time for this new app from Zoftar. It has some unique features and is well worth a look.

The main features are the coin pair functionality which allows you to compare any of the over 1000 coins out there with each other and get a graph of their price ratio along with graphical alerts. This is the killer feature I was looking before writing the app but could not find anywhere. This feature alone has made me good money swapping coins with each other when the price is right.

A new cryptocurrency app that tracks all the coins, with a graphical alert manager and the ability to compare any coin with any other.

Search over 1000 cryptocurrencies, order by market cap, cheapest since, most expensive since, newest and % change over 1 hour, 1 day and 1 week. An average of 3 new cryptocurrencies are released each day, this app shows you when they come out, giving you an edge.

Get full stats on every coin. By clicking the 'alerts' button you get access to one of this apps unique features.

This app has a visual alert manager, so setting a high or low price alert is as simple as spinning the 2 dials until the red (low price alert line) and green (high price alert line) are at the desired levels on the graph. It truly is a delight to use!

The true power of this app is the coin pairs functionality, you can compare any coin with any other, as there are well over 1000 coins, that is over 1 million combinations!

Once you have added a coin pair, you can view how the coin pair is doing against each other by viewing the price ratio graph.

You can also set alerts on coin pairs using the same lovely visual alert manager interface used to set alerts on single coins.

The app uses full push notifications to alert you of any price alerts you have set. You can turn alerts off in the settings area of the app if you don't want it to wake you up at night, but this is often where there is the most money to be made!


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iPhone coming soon...

Article Written By Zoftar : December 29th, 2017.