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About us

Zoftar Ltd was founded to address a need for a new type of payment gateway. After research was conducted on a number of e-commerce sites and in depth customer research we found the following problems arising again and again:

  1. The need to complete a long registration process as part of the purchase process, there is no need for this, in a shop when you buy something on your debit/credit card you are not asked to register.
  2. When buying software / other digital goods invariably you have to wait for an email link or get forwarded to some sort of thank you page to retrieve your digital product. As we all know, email can be unreliable at the best of times, rendering you unable to retrieve your digital item after purchase.
  3. Vendors / Merchants complain about poorly thought out API's to integrate with their backend systems and lousy reporting. The industry has not agreed on a standardised API as yet.
  4. Off site helpdesk not integrated into the payment gateway.

Our solution:

  1. No need to register when doing an online payment, just one simple payment form to make the process as much like buying something from a real shop as possible. We use our revolutionary Auto sign-up technology to give vendors a way to talk to their customers without registration getting in the way of the purchase experience.
  2. An integrated permissions based download area to give customers instant access to their digital downloads the second they have made their purchase.
  3. The Zoftar Payment Engine acts as a bridge between the vendors backend systems and our payment acquisition partners, unifying the non standardised API's into a standardised API from Zoftar. Our API's are accessible in XML or JSON format.
  4. Fully integrated helpdesk solution written to be part of the payment gateway from the ground up, easing communication between customers and vendors.

Our partners:

Provides PCI compliance for our gateway.
PayPoint payment processor.
Sagepay payment processor.

Company Info:

Zoftar Ltd.
Company No: 07804277


Phone: +44 (0)1736 331 592
Email: info@zoftar.com
Helpdesk: HELPDESK
All enquiries answered
within 24 hours


15 Alverton St
United Kingdom
TR18 2QP

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Phone: +44 (0)1736 331 592
Email: info@zoftar.com
Help: Zoftar Help Desk

Company Information

Zoftar Ltd Registered Address
Zoftar Limited
15 Alverton St.
United Kingdom.
TR18 2QP

Company No: 07804277

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